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Some people like mowing the lawn.......most don't! If you are a keen gardener or just too busy to keep cutting it, the automatic mower is just what you need so that you can spend more time on the things that matter. Why cut the lawn yourself or get your gardener to do it when more technical jobs can be achieved? The auto mower from Husqvarna or the iMow from Stihl is the answer, by using 'state of the art' technology to map out your garden and work out how best to cut your lawn. With random cutting or a set pattern, it does not matter if you have objects on your lawn (people and animals included) the Auto mower will do it safely, efficiently and above all beautifully.

20 Litre Steel Fuel Can

Made from pickled steel sheet with fuel resistant lining. Leak-proof bayonet closure with locking pin.

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£29.99 (Ex VAT)

Code C8SYFC20

Husqvarna Combi Can

Our redesigned Combi Can enables you to refuel quickly without splash effects or any waste. In addition, the sizes of the two containers has been adjusted to achieve an optimized fuel and chain oil ratio (5.0 / 2.5 litres). Also, the new Combi Can has an integrated tool box…

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£31.88 (Ex VAT)


Fuel Spout for HQ Combi Can

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£14.17 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ505698002

Oil Spout for HQ Combi Can

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£8.33 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ505698003

Stihl Clear Combi Can

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£29.58 (Ex VAT)


Stihl Fuel Filling System

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£14.17 (Ex VAT)

Code ST00008905005

Stihl Oil Filling System

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£14.17 (Ex VAT)

Code ST00008905004

Muller High Density Wedge 31cm

This high density, plastic wedge has moulded scales to prevent slipping back.

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£13.75 (Ex VAT)

Code C4MLHDW31

Stihl Standard Glove

A hard-wearing leather and textile combination with cut protection on the back of both hands.

Class 0 (16m/s)

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£27.50 (Ex VAT)


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