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"Wood is one of the oldest raw materials known to man. It has been in use for about 400,000 years."

Nowadays, working with wood is quicker, easier and more efficient than ever before. Handy Stihl chainsaws make light work of cutting firewood with their array of practical features and excellent torque. These powerful machines have won over both professional and occasional users with their range of applications - everything from cutting firewood, stand management or harvesting wood in commercial forests. Cutting-edge technology means that the machines have astonishingly low emissions, and are low in both noise and vibration.

Now with over 50 years of experience in the chainsaw business, Husqvarna work hard at putting the best-performing products in your hands. From high-end power chainsaws to smaller, lightweight ones, every Husqvarna saw delivers high performance, durability and effectiveness.


Stihl MS441C-M

Chainsaws for professional forestry work must be suitable for inhospitable terrian, extreme weather conditions. The Stihl MS441 C-M chainsaw has been tailored to the highest standards, delivering maximum performance with minimum weight.

STIHL's most advanced pro chain saw ever! The MS 441 C-M features STIHL M-Tronic, a fully…

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RRP £915.00 * (Ex VAT)

From £762.50 (Ex VAT)

Code C1SLMS441

Stihl MS461

High performance chainsaw for thinning and harvesting high-density forest.

*RRP with 18" bar and chain

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RRP £930.00 * (Ex VAT)

From £775.00 (Ex VAT)

Code C1SLMS461

Stihl MS880



Our top model for professionals. For the most demanding challenges and extreme conditions.

*RRP with 30" bar and chain

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RRP £1355.00 * (Ex VAT)

From £ (Ex VAT)

Code C1SLMS880

Stihl MS201TC-M

This special purpose chainsaw is designed for tree surgery and professional tree service. Up in the trees, different rules apply. Weight matters, there’s no margin for error and the arborist needs a chain saw that’s quick, easy to start and gives the performance they expect. It’s a real professional…

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RRP £655.00 * (Ex VAT)

From £545.83 (Ex VAT)

Code C1SLMS201T

Stihl Wooden Sawhorse

Maximum bearing load 70kg.

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£34.04 (Ex VAT)

Code ST00008814602

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