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The name of Hayter has been synonymous with British grass cutting for over half a century. As a pioneer of the rotary lawnmower, the company has become a household name offering a wide range of products to suit your needs.

In Hayter, modern technology has not replaced traditional skills, instead the two are combined in a powerful recipe where one compliments the other.
Quality is a way of life and Hayter are constantly striving to maintain and improve our standards to ensure we are Makers of the Finest Mowers.

Hayter Harrier 56 Pro

The Harrier 56 is the largest pedestrian rear roller rotary mower in the Hayter range and features an impressive 56cm (22") cutting width. Freshly redesigned with a refined appearance the new Harrier 56 is offered in three models. All evolve the Hayter marque in both build quality and performance.…

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RRP £1357.50 (Ex VAT)

SALE PRICE £1131.25 (Ex VAT)

Code C1HYH579a

Toro HoverPro 550

A new hover mower with an exceptionally strong and lightweight ABS injection-moulded deck. Added power and wider cutting width of cut to cover large areas faster. Better control and greater stability in extreme conditions and difficult cutting areas.

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RRP £499.17 (Ex VAT)

424.30 (Ex VAT)

Code C1TOHP550

New Hayter Harrier 41 Pro AD mower

The Harrier 41 Pro, the only dedicated 41cm Professional rear roller mower, is the ideal choice for professional gardeners and landscapers maintaining smaller gardens and more difficult to access areas. The perfect addition to the existing, larger Harrier 48 Pro and 56 Pro models.

The latest…

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RRP £724.17 (Ex VAT)

615.55 (Ex VAT)

Code C1HYH379

Hayter SPIRIT 41 Electric Push

An electric rotary mower featuring a revolutionary lightweight aluminium skeleton chassis.

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RRP £265.83 (Ex VAT)

£225.96 (Ex VAT)

Code C1HY615

Hayter SPIRIT 41 Push

A lightweight, robust petrol mower, perfect for leaving a manicured formal striped finish to small and medium lawns.

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RRP £345.83 (Ex VAT)


Code C1HY617

Hayter SPIRIT 41 Autodrive

A lightweight, robust self propelled petrol mower, makes cutting the lawn effortless. Suitable for small and medium lawns.

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RRP £415.83 (Ex VAT)

£353.46 (Ex VAT)

Code C1HY619

Hayter HARRIER 41 Push

This small and powerful mower ensures that precision cutting is achieved with ease. Suitable for small to medium lawns.

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RRP £499.17 (Ex VAT)

£424.30 (Ex VAT)

Code C1HY374

Hayter HARRIER 41 AD, VS

This mower has a variable forward speed to suit the operator and conditions. Suitable for small to medium lawns.

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RRP £624.17 (Ex VAT)

£530.55 (Ex VAT)

Code C1HY375

Hayter HARRIER 41 AD, VS, InStart

This small and powerful mower features an electric start engine. Suitable for small to medium lawns.

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RRP £707.50 (Ex VAT)

£601.38 (Ex VAT)

Code C1HY376

Hayter HARRIER 48 AD, VS

A powerful, self-propelled mower with a steel rear roller that ensures classic stripes. Suitable for medium to large lawns.

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RRP £815.83 (Ex VAT)

£693.46 (Ex VAT)

Code C1HY490

Hayter HARRIER 48, AD, VS, InStart

This mower comes with all the features of the Harrier 48 Autodrive VS with the added benefit of key-start (InStart) ignition only (no recoil) so always easy to start..

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RRP £929.17 (Ex VAT)

820.00 (Ex VAT)

SALE PRICE £780.00 (Ex VAT)

Code C1HY491


A powerful, self-propelled machine featuring a Blade Brake Clutch allowing you to stop the cutterblade whilst the engine is still running.

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RRP £899.17 (Ex VAT)

£764.30 (Ex VAT)

Code C1HY493

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