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Lumag machines are German engineered to the highest specifications. Each machine undergoes stringent quality control checks and will only leave their facility in Bavaria when they are 100% satisfied that it is up to standard. All Lumag machines meet the relevant EU safety and emissions regulations and have full spares backup.

Most Lumag machines such as our compactor plates have Loncin engines. Loncin is one of the biggest engine manufacturers in the world. Besides manufacturing general purpose engines and motorcycle engines Loncin also manufacture motorcycles and has its own Motor Sports team.

In 2005 Loncin partnered with BMW. Loncin now manufacture BMW’s 650cc single-cylinder engine and 350cc large displacement water-cooled scooters and engines. In addition, in 2015 a BMW factory at the Loncin plant C was opened.

Husqvarna T Shirt

Dark blue cotton T Shirt with Husqvarna logo on the front

Available in 4 sizes

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£12.50 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ1016371

AGRIFAB 45-0463

When you spend time and money to water, fertilize and control weeds in your lawn, you don’t want anything to be wasted. You can also use this trailor for Ice melt products in the winter, (clean well afterwards though).


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£265.83 (Ex VAT)

Code C1HCAF45

Husqvarna Spreader 59kg

Handy spreader with easily adjustable flow, for larger areas. Enclosed commercial-grade gearbox for smooth rolling and easy maintenance. Large pneumatic tyres for easy manoeuvrability. Durable nylon cover included. Can be used for spreading fertilizer and seeds in your garden, as well as ice melt during winter season. If used…

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RRP ££315.83 (Ex VAT)

SALE PRICE £300.00 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ967027201

Husqvarna Sweeper Broom

A rotating brush for sweeping up leaves, snow, etc. Adjustable support wheels. Can be angled 20° to either side. Width 100 cm. Fits LT/YT tractors up to model year 2006 and all CT tractors, except for 126-series.

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Code HQ544921601

Husqvarna Trailer 275

Versatile lightweight Trailer-Rugged dump trailer with folder tailgate for easy loading and unloading.

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From £195.83 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ501008201

Husqvarna Aerator

Makes holes in the lawn so that air, water and fertiliser can penetrate to promote healthy growth. To be weighted/ballasted with up to 45 kg depending on ground conditions.

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Code HQ964995703

Husqvarna Arborist Technical Helmet

Lightweight and ventilated helmet for professional arborists, approved for work at heights. Unique harness adjustment with two wheels that centers the head in the helmet for best balance and stability on the head. Only for work at height - Not approved for forestry work on the ground!

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£120.83 (Ex VAT)


Classic Forest Jacket

The classic jacket is a great addition for your Husqvarna wear and provides some proctection from the elements. This is non PPE.

Has a crisp and modern design with quality in the details, such as big reflective logo prints. Buttons at end of the arms for a tight…

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£70.00 (Ex VAT)


Husqvarna 30kg spreader

Handy spreader with easily adjustable flow, for smaller areas. Can be used for spreading fertilizer and seeds in your garden, as well as ice melt during winter season. If used with salt, make sure to clean spreader hopper and tubes after use, to prevent corrosion.

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Code HQ954120046

Husqvarna technical chainsaw gloves

A Technical glove with class 1 saw protection 20m/s (one of a few). Goat leather palm with interlock jersey and grey foam and laminated spandex fabric on back. Goat leather has a good protection against moisture since it contains natural fat and is therefore suitable for demanding work. Made…

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£37.92 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ5793810

Husqvarna multi purpose grease

For general greasing purposes 225g

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From £8.75 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ502512701

Husqvarna Veg Chain Oil 5 litres

A vegetable-based chain oil that has been carefully developed by Husqvarna to produce a highly effective, environmentally compatible lubricant. Biodegradable and economical – up to 40% less oil is required than with conventional oils. Low viscosity even in extreme cold and able to handle water contamination. Can be cleaned…

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£29.17 (Ex VAT)


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