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Lumag machines are German engineered to the highest specifications. Each machine undergoes stringent quality control checks and will only leave their facility in Bavaria when they are 100% satisfied that it is up to standard. All Lumag machines meet the relevant EU safety and emissions regulations and have full spares backup.

Most Lumag machines such as our compactor plates have Loncin engines. Loncin is one of the biggest engine manufacturers in the world. Besides manufacturing general purpose engines and motorcycle engines Loncin also manufacture motorcycles and has its own Motor Sports team.

In 2005 Loncin partnered with BMW. Loncin now manufacture BMW’s 650cc single-cylinder engine and 350cc large displacement water-cooled scooters and engines. In addition, in 2015 a BMW factory at the Loncin plant C was opened.

Husqvarna Sledge Axe

The Sledge axe is the most powerful and heaviest axe made for splitting logs and large chunks of wood. It has a hardened striking face in the neck and can therefore be used as a sledge or in combination with a splitting wedge. Comes with an edge cover in…

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£75.64 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ576926601

Husqvarna Camping Axe

A smaller axe ideal for outdoor life in forests and open land, suitable for most tasks like chopping wood for the campfire. The size is perfect for packing in your backpack. The axe can also be attached to your belt using the edge cover that follows. Comes with an…

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£65.32 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ576926301

Husqvarna Balance Helmet

Helmet Functional has a high level of features to fit individual preferences, perfect for a forest worker who seeks comfort and ergonomics in daily work. It has a 6-point textile harness for best comfort and low pressure against the head and includes the new UltraVision visor that due to…

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£55.00 (Ex VAT)


Replacement Visors

For the Balance, Arborist and Climbers/Linesman Helmets MSA euro slot.

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From £9.17 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ5056653

Husqvarna Braces with Straps

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£17.29 (Ex VAT)


Husqvarna Braces with Clips

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£15.63 (Ex VAT)


Husqvarna Equipment Bag

Strong and durable bag with a hard and stable bottom. Perfect to carry your safety gear and accessories in. Equipped with side pockets, grip handles on sides, carrying straps and a removable shoulder strap.

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45.83 (Ex VAT)


Chain Oil

Mineral Chain oil with adhesive agent for high-performance chain saws which sticks to the chain. A very low wear of chains and rails can be guaranteed due to additives which are improving the lubrication. The favourable viscosity facilitates the universal use in summer as well as in winter, even…

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From £3.74 (Ex VAT)

Code C8HQC

Husqvarna Comfort Glove

These are designed to be as comfortable as possible, without compromising on their protective features.

Class 0 (16m/s)

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£32.08 (Ex VAT)


Husqvarna Combi Can

Our redesigned Combi Can enables you to refuel quickly without splash effects or any waste. In addition, the sizes of the two containers has been adjusted to achieve an optimized fuel and chain oil ratio (5.0 / 2.5 litres). Also, the new Combi Can has an integrated tool box…

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£31.88 (Ex VAT)


Fuel Spout for HQ Combi Can

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£14.17 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ505698002

Oil Spout for HQ Combi Can

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£8.33 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ505698003

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