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Chain oil, used for lubricating bars, chains and sprockets, provides outstanding protection against wear.
We stock semi-synthetic high performance lubricants made from virgin oils which prevent resinification during prolonged non-use.
Two-stroke, used for mixing with petrol, is suitable for all brand name fuels and is specially developed for use with Stihl engines.

Stihl 2 Stroke Measuring Beaker

For 50:1 ratio of 2 stroke oil.

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£2.75 (Ex VAT)

Code C8SL2SM

Fuel Funnel & Spout - 145mm

A fuel funnel with a removable metal guaze filter, allowing for easy pouring of both oil and fuel with a flexible pouring spout.

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£3.14 (Ex VAT)

Code C8RFSL793799

Husqvarna multi purpose grease

For general greasing purposes 225g

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From £8.75 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ502512701

Husqvarna Veg Chain Oil 5 litres

A vegetable-based chain oil that has been carefully developed by Husqvarna to produce a highly effective, environmentally compatible lubricant. Biodegradable and economical – up to 40% less oil is required than with conventional oils. Low viscosity even in extreme cold and able to handle water contamination. Can be cleaned…

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£29.17 (Ex VAT)


MotoPlus four-stroke fuel 5 litre canister

Specially developed for small engines, this petrol is virtually benzene-free and therefore protects both the environment and the engine. The largely smoke-free combustion protects the valves and pistons, increasing service life and performance. VIKING MotoPlus can also be stored for up to two years without impairing quality.

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18.42 (Ex VAT)

Code ST70098710345

Chain Oil

Mineral Chain oil with adhesive agent for high-performance chain saws which sticks to the chain. A very low wear of chains and rails can be guaranteed due to additives which are improving the lubrication. The favourable viscosity facilitates the universal use in summer as well as in winter, even…

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From £3.74 (Ex VAT)

Code C8HQC

Stihl 2 Stroke

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From £1.67 (Ex VAT)

Code C8SL2T


Power tool petrol developed specifically for STIHL small 4-stroke engines. User- and engine-friendly thanks to fewer emissions (free from ethanol; almost no olefins and aromatic compounds). Can be kept in storage for up to five years. Reliable top performance…

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From £15.83 (Ex VAT)

Code C8MOTO4

Stihl Multi Purpose Grease 80g

For lubricating the gearboxes of hedgetrimmers and chainsaws.

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£6.67 (Ex VAT)


Stihl Angle Grease 80g

For lubricating the gearboxes of strimmers and clearing saws.

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£6.67 (Ex VAT)


Stihl Special Cleaner 500ml

For dissolving and removing organic oil residues and for cleaning air filters and housings.

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£7.23 (Ex VAT)

Code ST00008819400

Stihl Multispray 400ml

Lubricates, dissolves, cleans and prevents corrosion.

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£10.43 (Ex VAT)

Code ST07304117000

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