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Your helmet is one of the most important pieces of equipment you possess. It is vital to choose the best one for your situation, and to treat it well. 

Helmets should be lightweight and comfortable, secure and able to accept different visors and ear defenders where necessary. 

Helmets should be stored safely in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and rain. Follow cleaning instructions and check condition regularly. At the first sign of wear, aging or damage, the helmet should be discarded. 

Helmets are VAT zero rated, if bought by the wearer.

Petzl Alveo Vent Helmet

Complete with MSA Sordin Chipper Ear Defenders and nylon mesh visor.

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£97.00 (Ex VAT)


Reduced Peak Balance Helmet

Orange Balance Helmet with reduced peak suitable for Arborists. Comes with Sordin ear muffs, chin strap, mesh nylon face shield and rear air vents.

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SALE PRICE ££55.00 (Ex VAT)


Husqvarna Arborist Technical Helmet

Lightweight and ventilated helmet for professional arborists, approved for work at heights. Unique harness adjustment with two wheels that centers the head in the helmet for best balance and stability on the head. Only for work at height - Not approved for forestry work on the ground!

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£120.83 (Ex VAT)


Technical Forest Helmet

Newly designed, sturdy yet lightweight protective helmet with ear protection. The helmet can be adjusted in several ways to suit your particular needs. A new, innovative ventilation system generates a comfortable temperature for your head. The visor has been re-designed for better protection of your face and, above all,…

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£93.33 (Ex VAT)


Husqvarna Ultra Vision Visor

The light reduction of the visor is only 20% over the whole mesh area compared to the standard visor were the light reduction is 30%. This new shape also makes it less sensitive for water to stick on the mesh and for permanent deformation. Fits forest helmet Classic, Functional,…

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RRP £17.17 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ574613501

Husqvarna Balance Helmet

Helmet Functional has a high level of features to fit individual preferences, perfect for a forest worker who seeks comfort and ergonomics in daily work. It has a 6-point textile harness for best comfort and low pressure against the head and includes the new UltraVision visor that due to…

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£55.00 (Ex VAT)


Stihl Vertex Vent

With the new 4-point chinstrap and 5 large adjustable vents this is fast becoming a popular helmet.

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£92.50 (Ex VAT)


Stihl Special Helmet

Sturdy polyethylene, four point helmet with rain gutter and leather sweatband. Comes with ear defenders to H3 and metal mesh visor.

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£47.00 (Ex VAT)


Climbers/Linesman Helmet

Peakless high density ABS. Arborist helmet c/w chinstrap, nylon mesh visor and Hellberg Mark 8 ear defenders.

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£50.00 (Ex VAT)


Petzl Vertex Vent

Comfortable and durable helmet with ventilation, meets requirements for working at height. Comes with nylon visor, Sordin ear defenders and visor carrier.

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£102.00 (Ex VAT)


Replacement Visors

For the Balance, Arborist and Climbers/Linesman Helmets MSA euro slot.

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From £9.17 (Ex VAT)

Code HQ5056653

Replacement Visor for Visor/Muff Combo

Earmuffs and connectors not included (picture for illustration purposes)

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From £6.90 (Ex VAT)

Code ES115

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