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Our professional bow saws are made from high quality steel and protected by a coating of high-impact enamel paint.
The ergonomic, integrated handle makes sawing effortless and comfortable.
The innovative, easy to use mechanism allows for maximum tension and safe handling.
A virtually unbreakable handguard makes knuckle injuries a thing of the past.

Our pruning saws from market leaders, Silky, all have available spare blades and even replacement handles for when your trusty saw needs refurbishing!

Tsurugi Sheathed Saw 300mm


The ultimate tools for working efficiently in dense wood and are ideal for pruning and gardening. The Tsurugi uses advanced materials and blade grinding techniques, making it durable and lean, ideal for cutting hard to soft wood in a confined space.…

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£58.08 (Ex VAT)

Code C3SKT

Corona 6 1/2" Folding Razor Tooth Folding Saw

The Conona hand saw is an inexpensive way to prune small branches and although not as precision engineered as other handsaws is less of a financial strain on your wallet if lost whilst working! Ideal for volunteer workers or at home in your garden.

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£10.41 (Ex VAT)

Code C2WWRS4040

Bow Saws

A small and handy bow saw for all round use. With a type 51 blade for both dry and green wood. 21" blade is pictured.


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From £17.64 (Ex VAT)


Spare Blades Type 51

Type 51 blade for cutting dry, seasoned wood, as well as for cross-cutting fresh, green wood.

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RRP £From £6.78 (Ex VAT)

From £5.76 (Ex VAT)

Code P3BCB

Spare Blades Type 23

Type 23 blade for sawing in green wood. With raker toothing.

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RRP £From £7.92 (Ex VAT)

From £6.73 (Ex VAT)

Code P3BC23

Pocketboy 170mm

Suitable for all pruning tasks, as well as woodworking.

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£29.96 (Ex VAT)

SALE PRICE £27.51 (Ex VAT)

Code C3SKP17

Spare Blade for Pocketboy 170mm

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£17.42 (Ex VAT)

SALE PRICE £16.55 (Ex VAT)

Code P3SKP17B

F180-8 Pruning Saw

Lightweight and strong folding saw suitable for multiple tasks.

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£19.46 (Ex VAT)

SALE PRICE £18.49 (Ex VAT)

Code C3SKF18

Spare Blade for F180

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£12.66 (Ex VAT)

Code P3SKF18B

Accel 160-7.5 160mm

This razor tooth saw actually fits in your pocket. Rated as one of the finest folding saws in the world, the Accel is a popular choice for Arborists around the world.

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£33.17 (Ex VAT)

SALE PRICE £31.51 (Ex VAT)

Code C3SKA16

Spare Blade for Accel 160mm

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£17.00 (Ex VAT)

Code P3SKA16B

Super Accel 210-7.5 210mm

Lightweight, razor-tooth folding saw specially designed for aggressive cutting needs.

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£30.00 (Ex VAT)

SALE PRICE £28.50 (Ex VAT)

Code C3SKA21

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