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Tree Marking and Measure

Marking and measuring is becoming ever more important for the efficient running of businesses.
Accurate measurement of assets, both land and crops, is vital for predicting income and planning future land use.
We offer a carefully selected mix of proven and traditional tools, along with some of the very latest digital equipment.


A3 Weatherwriter Landscape

Landscape. Extremely sturdy with velcro fastenings.

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£46.67 (Ex VAT)

Code C5WA3

A4 Weatherwriters

Portrait or Landscape. Extremely sturdy with velcro fastenings.

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£40.00 (Ex VAT)

Code C5WA4

Timber Crayons

Box of 12 Timber crayons for use on dry or moist wood.

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£4.50 (Ex VAT)


Haglof Vertex IV

The Vertex IV is primarily designed to measure the height of standing objects, and most often trees. The instrument can also be used to measure distance, horizontal distance, angle and inclination. The Vertex instrument has with its ultrasonic measuring technique proved to be especially useful in dense terrains with…

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£1618.33 (Ex VAT)


Paper Dry Waterproof Clip Boards

Paperdry clipboards are high quality waterproof clipboards that protect your documents and papers when you’re working in adverse conditions.
They use the highest grade materials by only use premium PVC plastic and include a class-leading 18 month warranty with all our products.

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From £19.16 (Ex VAT)

Code C5LWA

Haglof Mantax Calipers 40"

Hardwearing Mantax calipers which can measure up to 40" diameters.

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145.83 (Ex VAT)

Code HF11-100-1114

Sylvamark Fluorescent Paint

No lead, cadmium, toluene or chlorinated solvents.

Does not disturb the physiology of trees and shrubs.

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RRP £5.50 (Ex VAT)

£5.42 (Ex VAT)


Sylvamark Fluorescent Paint - Box of 12

No lead, cadmium, toluene or chlorinated solvents.

Does not disturb the physiology of trees and shrubs.

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£60.00 (Ex VAT)

Code C5MEFMP12

Leather Spray Paint Carry Pouch

Leather belt pouch for carrying marker cans.

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£14.61 (Ex VAT)

Code C5MEP1

Bio-degradable Tree Marking Tapes

Length 75m.

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£2.92 (Ex VAT)


Girth Tapes

Hard-wearing yellow fibreglass girth tapes with a D-loop.PLEASE NOTE-There are three different types. The above picture is the 12'/36" imperial tape.

The 2m tape is is a rounded down tape.


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From £12.08 (Ex VAT)


Diameter Tape 5m

A strong, woven tape for volume measuring. With linear one side, diameter on the reverse.

(Colour and casing text may differ to picture)

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£38.33 (Ex VAT)

Code C5MEDT5

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