Yalex 16mm (5/8") Whoopie Sling 100cm - 264cm (39"- 108")

Code C4ESWS120

The Yalex whoopie sling is an easily adjustable rope sling designed for tree pruning or tree removal, making one sling do the job of many!

Our Price £49.00 (Ex VAT)

 The whoopie sling works by wrapping the sling around the trunk of a tree or a heavy load bearing limb and pulling the end of the rope within the sling through a spliced choker. By adjusting the size of the eye in the rope through the choker the user is able to adjust the length of the sling constricting around the tree without needing knots.

Yalex is 100% high tenacity polyester 12 strand single braid. It is a great all round rope which enjoys a multitude of Arborist uses. It has 8 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated rope, boasting great strength to weight ratio and low stretch. It's just what the job needs!

Technical Specifications

Rope Diameter (" / mm)5/8 , 16
Veritcal (lbs / kg)3203 / 1453
Rating Choker (lbs / kg)2562 / 1162
Basket (lbs / kg)6406 / 2906
Shortest Adjustment to fully extended32" to 48" / 32" to 60" / 32" to 72" / 32" to 96"

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