Okatsune 103 General Purpose Secateurs

Code C3SKO103

The Okatsune 103 are the most popular pruners in the range. With its length of 202 mm this is model is 20 mm larger than model 101, and 8 mm smaller than model 104. The blades of this razor-sharp pruner are forged from the finest Japanese steel (the same steel from which the Katana sword of the Samurai are made), and enable you to effortlessly cut through branches up to 25 mm, of such as shrubs, roses fruit trees, and creepers. Okatsune pruners are the undisputed number 1 in Japan: the country where pruning has been elevated to true art.

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The blades of this Japanese pruner (Sentei Basami) are uniquely forged from the finest IZUMO YASUGI steel, and have a very high Rockwell hardness of 60.0 to 61.0. This hardness ensures that the cutting edge remains sharp, slicing easily through wood, and the blades slide smoothly over each other to give an easier cutting action. However, soft metal in the core of the blade make the shears tough. This toughness makes sure that the cutting blade always fits well on the counter-blade and does not break, not even under heavy load.
The blade has been grinded in two angles, so it will also smoothly cut through wood, and will not unnecessarily damage the plant. Due to the unique shape of the hollow ground blade the sap flows away from the blade, and the blades will not come apart. The V-shape of the spring ensures that the cutting load is distributed evenly over the length of the spring which guarantees a smooth closing.
The blades are very easy to grind with the Okatsune whetstone (Okatsune 412). The shear features a locking system that can be operated with one hand.

Technical Specifications

Length: 202 mm
Max. cut diameter: 25 mm
Blade length:55 mm
Lightweight: 228 gr
Blade hardness: 60 – 61 HRD (Rockwell Hardness C-scale)
Blade materialIzumo Yasugi steel

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