Paper Dry Waterproof Clip Boards

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Paperdry clipboards are high quality waterproof clipboards that protect your documents and papers when you’re working in adverse conditions.
They use the highest grade materials by only use premium PVC plastic and include a class-leading 18 month warranty with all our products.

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A spring-loaded cover protects your papers from the rain and wind while you write, and it closes with strong velcro to keep them secure and dry when not in use. Since it's see-through, you can refer to your documents at any time.

A clip inside the cover keeps your papers secure. On A4 models, there's a clip on the back of the clipboard (and two clips on the A3 model). On the A4 and A3 models, there are two small slots inside the clipboard to hold your pen and pencil.

There are several different grades of PVC available. Here at Paperdry, we only use the best: it's thicker and also treated with a cold-proofing agent, meaning our clipboards don't crack in cold weather. They're robust and durable, and an 18 month warranty is included as standard.

Innovative lanyard now available (Sold separately)
Our new lanyard is made of nylon and clips to each side of your Paperdry clipboard. Adjustable in length, you can hang it round your neck or wear it on your back. A safety break built into the lanyard will disconnect if you trip and the lanyard becomes entangled.

A4 Portrait
24*35*1cm / 442 grams

A4 Landscape
35*30*1cm / 534 grams

A3 Landscape
44*34*1cm / 739 grams

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