Model 400 Battery

Code C1PB400

Our Price £750.00 (Ex VAT)

The Ultra Lithium Battery provides constant power and an operating range display, which indicates the remaining power level in real time: This gives you up to a full days work depending on the type of tool used.

The Ultra Lithium Battery is equipped with an “intelligent” charging system. The battery can be charged at any time. In addition, if not used for 4 consecutive days, the batteries discharge automatically for optimum storage and an excellent service life. After at least 800 full charge and discharge cycles, the capacity of the battery is still 80% of its initial capacity, which does not reduce the power delivered by the battery.

Quiet running:
Protect your environment whilst working in silence. Pellenc tools are adapted for working in a variety of locations. From urban areas to golf clubs, from hospitals to campsites.

An end to the nauseating odours from fuel combustion. Work without worrying about inhaling machine exhaust fumes.

Pellenc electrical tools operate on batteries and do not emit any toxic gases.

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