Excelion Brushcutter

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Excelion : Manageability champion!

Brush and cut the grass with an ultra lightweight tool thanks to a revolutionary new cutting head: This is the prowess of the Excelion from Pellenc.

Excelion is a unique tool as it combines a brush and a grass cutter in one: the multifunction head developed by Pellenc can be fitted, without the use of tools, with the Pellenc cutter wire made from a very high resistance polyamide or a wide range of metal blades adapted to your work. Two times lighter than the heaviest petrol brush cutters, Excelion makes grass brushing and cutting much easier in ditches, on slopes or steep inclines with its adjustable handle, flexible head and telescopic system.

You can adapt your tool to your body shape for optimized working comfort.

The 4-speed selector, exclusive to PELLENC, makes it easier to adapt to the vegetation: slow speeds are recommended for edges and urban areas for example. Silent, rapid and extremely lightweight, Excelion is the new brush cutter for professionals.

As with all other PELLENC products, Excelion uses the ultra high capacity technology of the ultra lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting, odourless operation with quick start-up and a record operating range.



Technical Specifications

Weight3.3 kg
Power1200 w
Length1m - 1.5m (blade or wires)
Cutting Diameter25 -30cm (blade or wires)
Cutting ToolMetal Blade or Polyamide Wires

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